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Today, presence on the world wide web is essential in marketing your business. But it's no longer just enough to simply have a website. With over 100 million* websites out there, you need a site that figures prominently in Google searches and is customer-friendly.

That's where Discount Domain Name Services ( Web design, Programming and Search Engine Optimisation can help. Whether you need Content Management Systems, e-commerce solutions or an informative brochure-style website, Discount Domain Services can provide a tailored solution that works for your business.

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Discount Domain Name Services can help direct traffic to your website with Search Engine Optimisation. From a basic site analysis and recommendations that you can implement yourself, to a full rewrite of your copy and tags, Discount Domain Name Services has a solution for your budget.

At Discount Domain Name Services, our cutting edge graphic designers ensure that your web presence encapsulates and projects all of your brand values from the real world. So your customers experience the same impressions and feelings online as they would dealing with you offline. But as well as creating a site that "feels" great, Discount Domain Name Services can also make it work for you and your clients. Discount Domain Name Services are experts in the back-end technical programming that makes a website function as an integrated business tool. We specialise in integrated payment gateways, content management systems, e-commerce solutions and database driven websites.

Up to 90% of ALL website traffic orginates from search engines like Google, but because the majority (70-80%) of search engine users don't go past the second page of results, optimising your website for a high ranking is essential.

Increasingly, search engines are tuning their results based on the searcher's location. Therefore in searches by Australian users, a website hosted on an Australian server will rank higher than a hosted offshore.

We can tell you were your site is hosted. You might be suprised. To make your web page more visible to Australian users, Discount Domain Name Services can also host your site on our Australian servers.

While retaining the tone of your brand, Discount Domain Name Services can rewrite your content to include the most searched-upon keyword phrases so that your web page will rank highly in search results.

We'll then submit your optimised pages' URLs to the major search engines and monitor their traffic for the next three months to ensure that your URL is indexed.

Our complete solution includes detailed site analysis, implementation of recommended changes, submission to all major search engines, making copy and tag adjustments to site, development and placement of keywords and content descriptions, unlimited changes over a three month period once initial search engine listing is achieved, plus inclusion to Discount Domain Name Service's highly rated exclusive google ranking system.

The following websites have increased business through our Search Engine Optimisation practices:

*Source Netcraft
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